Afternoon Tea at the Carlisle House

The time honoured tradition of Afternoon Tea is elegantly served in our Victorian Dining Room.

Go back in history when Lords and Ladies enjoyed assorted sweets, cucumber sandwiches and of course scones and clotted cream, in the company of friends and family.

Our tea service will not disappoint with white linen, antique china teacups, and silver place settings

Our Tea is served daily from 1:00 pm to 4:00pm. Reservations are required and can be made by calling our Front Desk at 902 532 2100 or via email at


Your Afternoon Tea will include the following:


Freshly baked scones and our version of clotted cream

a selection of dainty tea sandwiches

A variety of delicious pastries, squares and confections

Fresh fruit accompaniments


All of our teas have been personally selected and with ingredients from around the world and are free of preservatives. Choose one of the following from our collection:

The Carlisle House Selection

Black Teas

Scottish Breakfast, Orange Pekoe, Lady Londonderry, Grand Marnier, Maple Cream, Vanilla and Cinnamon, White Chocolate Mousse, Pumpkin Chai, St. Coombs, Chocolate Mint, Kenilworth, Kiroswald, Kama Sutra Chai, Lover’s Leap, French Blend, Butterscotch, Baroness Grey,

Le Marche Spice, Hazelnut Vanilla, Courtlodge

White Teas

Versailles Lavender Earl Grey, Cream Earl Grey

Green Teas

Lemon Grass Chai, Lemon Green, Kyoto Cherry Rose, Long Island Strawberry, Japan Sencha Mikado, Mint Green

Caffeine Free Teas

Pecan pie, Focus Pocus, Eternally Nuts, Sunshine lemon- herb, Bella Coola, Bourbon Street Vanilla, Provence, Crème au Caramel,  Lemon Mango, Thai Lemon Ginger Rooibos

The Royal Tea Selection

Black Teas

Margaret’s Hope, Kilmory Whiskey, Giverny Monet, Chocolate Orange, Castleton,

White Teas

Happy Valley, Sakura Cherry Rose, White Mischief, Ontario Ice Wine

Green Teas

Orange Grapefruit Rose, Badling Yellow, Madame Butterfly

Caffeine Free Teas:

Apple ginger rooibos, Peach Apricot, Mercedes Apple Spice, Godiva Roche, On The Waterfront, Belgian Chocolate, Monk’s Blend, Cranberry Echinacea, Raspberry lemon  Verbena